Sunday, July 27, 2008

Word Play

As an English professor in the non scrapping world, words are my passion. I love searching for the right words for my title, my journaling, my writing. And when reading my favorite scrapbooking magazines, the layouts that never fail to catch my eye are the ones that use words creatively.

A friend sent me a link to Wordle this week and I spent more time than I want to confess playing and creating "word clouds." Fonts, colors, words, shapes--it will mix them all up for you! I put in the link to our journaling blog and here is the cloud Wordle created for me. Cute, right?

I have been a fan of Anna Aspnes' word art since the first time I ran across it in a gallery. The current issue of Digital Scrapbooking has a fabulous layout titled "Happiness" on page 49. It is basically word art and a photo and it ROCKS! I was so inspired that I tried my own hand at a "word art only" page. Ok, so I had to put a smidge of paper on, but you will forgive me, right?

Have fun and play with some words today!

Dance by Dora Phillips. Supplies: Word Art: Children by Anna Aspnes, Paper: Jessica Sprague's Flower Girl, Stitching and Staples are my own. Facebook


Mary said...

thanks for sharing the wordle. cool stuff.

sarah said...

what a beautiful layout. tfs.

Emma said...

Love the word art layout, thanks for sharing.