Monday, July 14, 2008

What's Your View Point?

Are you stuck in a photography rut and take your pictures all from the same angle or view point? Try mixing it up the next time you have your camera out on a photo shoot or just taking pictures of your family.
Here is an example of what I'm talking about, I took this picture on one of my early morning walks. I was just taking random pictures of interesting things as I was going along. I wanted to try taking some shots from different view points. Now I didn't really know what I had until I got home as it was such a bright sunny day that with the digital camera I couldn't see the viewer on the camera. So I was really excited how this one turned out it!
I did add a filter to it but I think it was still a stunning view of the world from an angle we don't usually see. And now you can see the finished product of it in a completed layout.

Here is another example of a different angle to take a pic from. In this one I was holding the camera and the baby at the same time. I wasn't going to get left out of the pictures anymore so I was doing this one myself holding my newest grandson. Now of course I couldn't really see how it was going to come out so I was just taking random shots and checking after the results after.

I hope you are beginning to see what you can do by changing your point of view or level from which you are taking the picture.
Try getting down on their level as in this picture of my puppy. This shot wouldn't have looked Photobucket
same if I had taken it standing looking down on her. I got up close and personal, don't be afraid to get up close often times we are to far from our subjects. Experment with your camera and the settings to see what you can come up with. I love my digital camera because I'm not afraid of blowing a whole roll of film and nothing coming out. I can see just what I have as soon as I take the picture.
I challenge you to get out there and see the world from a whole different angle today. Facebook