Monday, July 21, 2008

Colors of the Rainbow

I was out in a bad storm last week but by the time we were almost home the most beautiful rainbow appeared. I hadn't see a full one in a long time and it was so vibrant. By the time we reach home I was able to get a picture of it before it faded completely. So I just had to share it with you since I am going to tell you about a wonderful color-picker program.

The past two months have been an adventure in computer issues. My laptop died about 2 months back and I thought there was no hope for it. So I have been borrowing a computer so I could continue to design. Well as anyone knows when your computer crashes or just down right dies you lose everything you haven't backed.
I was been pretty good at backing up everything on my EHD but I never thought to backup my favorite web links. The ones I go to everyday (like ScrapStreet) I know by heart but there are tons that I didn't remember. So along with working with a computer that is not mine I had to research out those favorite places again.
On one of my researches was for a Color picker as this is a great resource in designing kits. I found some but I was not happy with them, but finally I found COPASOPhotobucket

It has all the features that I like in a color-picker program plus as a bonus it is free. I am still learning it myself so I can't really demo it for you but there is a wonderful video demo on the web site that you can check out.
So two things I learned out my computer experience not only have your files backed up but somewhere you need to have a copy of all your favorite sites.
Now the good news is that the computer I thought was beyond fixing wasn't!!! Yeah, I just got it back last week from being in the hands of computer geeks for 3 weeks. Turns out it was a bad stick of memory, we popped out that baby and replaced it now we are as good as new. Best news of all was it only cost me $25.00.
Have a Great Day and Backup you system today! Facebook


Dora said...

very cool! running in to play!