Sunday, May 30, 2010

to be set afoot

This one I'll write and rewrite and probably write once again before this post goes live (but, yay! Blogger let me cut and paste so I avoided a 4th rewrite!). Such is my life! I've been so incredibly focused on my own self that I haven't had a lot of time to give - I hate that! Working on healing, you see: a new ankle sprain and an old fracture in the right one. Tried an air cast for 3 weeks then doc put me in a boot. Well, Friday was my day to get out of my boot! Walking tall and proud today! Well, maybe not so tall (at five foot), but happily, for sure!

With all this happening, I've been watching for scrapbook layouts and photo ops with just limbs and body parts. One of my favorite things to do when the kids were little was to scrap their tiny feet, their little hands, even their cute button noses. 

I was going to go borrow a friend's baby pictures or the baby feet that Karen Russell offered to those of us in her class, but the same day I got to take off my boot, I played in the sprinkler with the kids. Quite literally, mind you, as McKenna picked up the sprinkler and totally got me soaked. One of those joyful super laughing moments I won't soon forget. How can you be mad when you're sopping wet?!

So, with scrappable body parts on the brain, I became completely focused on the kids' feet as they jumped through the sprinkler over and over again. There was as much joy in their toes as was in their faces. I didn't get the perfect feet photots, but I'll keep trying! I did get the cutie at the bottom of this post, though. =)

As I can now almost jump for joy, won't you do the same thing? Look for closeups hands, feet or whatever seizes the moment. You can always creatively crop a photo to include just that portion, but capturing in the moment is so much more fun! 

p.s. - both of my images are out of focus =( but that doesn't mean I won't keep trying! Above are Matthew jumping and McKenna's feet.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a United States Federal holiday that is observed on the last Monday of May. It has become the unofficial start of summer and is celebrated with cookouts, picnics, parades, fireworks, and opening day of public pools. But the true meaning of Memorial Day is to remember the men and women who died while in military service.

This week's challenge:
draw some inspiration from Memorial Day and use it on your layouts. Maybe you will choose to scrap about BBQ and pool parties. Maybe a layout dedicated to the military or your country. Or maybe a page remembering someone special in your life.
Link back here by Thursday night for a chance to win a prize. Can't wait to see what you create!

Friday, May 28, 2010

winner and fixed link!

My apologies for the bad link on the Wednesday freebie.  It is fixed in the original post and can also be found HERE.  Thanks!

Today we have a winner from our graduation challenge.  Brenda created this layout:

We love how she included her daughter's writing, multiple pictures, and journaling.  What a darling design!  Her blog, Carrot Topx3 is absolutely adorable--give it a peek! 

Brenda, you have one week to email me at for your prize.  Please use Blog Winner in your title.  Goodies will be on their way to you! 

Thanks for playing!  Stop in tomorrow for a new challenge!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paper Musing

I love talking to fellow scrapbookers and gaining insight about their creative process. The one thing that rings true with most is that they are looking for unique ways to add interest to pages. I am a huge fan of relying on the patterns in the papers you are working with to accomplish this small feat!

Looking at a sheet of paper to find a flower you can cut and layer might take a little extra time, but saves money and makes your page a one of a kind! I am a personal fan of making my own borders by looking for curved, scalloped, zigzaged or diamond patterns. I did just that when creating the layout below!

I placed my photos and elements at the top of the page, a design layout I love to use! It lacked pizzaz though so I decided to cut along the loopy pattern in the red paper. I liked it, yet it still needed something so I cut a second border and laid it underneath. It adds so much! And it didn't cost a thing!

Try using your paper as your muse! You never know what inspiration you will discover between or within the lines!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5-26 Freebie!

Welcome back to Wednesday!  How is your hump day moving along?  Would it go a bit better with a freebie?

Janice has another cool layered template for us today.  This one is perfect for multiple photos or to show off pretty papers in a kit.  Give it a peek:

And a darling example:

For download click here: GET ME!  We would love to see what you create!  Stop back anytime and share.  Have a super Wednesday!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Posting this week's challenge a bit late. Just got home from my daughter's high school graduation ceremony. She graduated with honors so I am, of course, the proud momma.
Do you remember YOUR high school graduation? I remember mine. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago.
It's funny the things you remember. I don't remember the speech I gave. I don't remember our class song or who I sat next to (which I'm SURE were majorly important things at the time). I remember all the girls wearing white dresses and all the guys looking uncomfortable in their shirts and ties. I remember staring at the big tiger painting on the gym wall behind the podium (we were the Tigers). I remember being a bit sad, scared, happy, and excited all at the same time. Definitely a big milestone.
So this week's challenge: scrap a pic of yourself in high school!! Awww...c' KNOW it would be fun! No? Ok, it doesn't have to be pics of you. Doesn't even have to be high school. Just do something school related. Got some photos from ballgames, prom, homecoming, harvest carnival, etc? Well now is your chance to scrap 'em.
Link back here by Thursday night for a chance to win this week's prize.
Oh...and by the way...GO TIGERS!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Symmetry & Me

I find it downright silly that even when I get the chance to create one scrapbook page for myself, I still feel the need to be challenged. If I can't find a challenge online to fit what I want to work with, then I end up challenging myself. This page was no different! It was the first page in a long, long time that I created for myself, by myself. You'd think that would be fun and relaxing, right? Well, it was - that and challenging! For some reason, I challenged myself to a symmetrical page. Maybe it's because I'm striving for balance these busy May days? I don't know about that, but nothing is ever symmetrical in my life - not my scrapbook pages, rarely my photography, not the interior design of my house; maybe only that I have to chew m&ms equally & symmetrically (2 greens, one for each side... a red and a brown and a red and a brown... don't ask!) Too much information? Perhaps. =)
So I cut and adhered away at my best attempt at a symmetrical page. Lots of strips and a few buttons as well. I did cheat a little on the photograph I used. Couldn't be that predictable. I hope you enjoy and go for some symmetry in your next page. (If you do, please comment and link!) Being so in balance actually created a whole bunch of new scrapping ideas... maybe I'll have a few new symmetrical ideas for you in a few days!
Swingin' by Lindsey Krauss. Supplies: Paper, buttons: Basic Grey, Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper,
Staz-On (Tsukineko), Pen: Sakura.
Journaling: May 2010 -- McKenna, you love the porch swing as much as Mommy does!
Been a while since I posted one of these - enjoy!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Write Home?

Welcome to the Wednesday freebie here at ScrapStreet! Today it is all about writing. I love to get real letters with stamps on, but alas today's society is more about emails, blogs and social networks, rather than putting pen to paper.

So to return to those times of stamps, envelopes and letters, here is a little page kit for you. With a paper you can write your letter on, an envelope frame to show off your photo, a pen to write with and even a stamp to stick on! Even you hybrid scrappers can print out the paper, stamp and card! No excuses!

You can get your copy here and please show me here in the comments what you create! I would love to see.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Don't be so negative!

Do you consider yourself a pessimist?  Or maybe you've been labeled as such, therefore hearing that phrase many times through out your life.  Well... I'm here to tell you the opposite actually.  It's OKAY to be negative.

I remember the first time I heard the term negative space, I thought "what could be so negative about space?" My art teacher explained that it was the area not drawn/painted/printed. She wanted us to learn the power of the blank space you leave around an image - and so made us draw an object by drawing only the shapes of the negative space.

Ever since then I have been fascinated by negative space. I like art that leaves the eye with a place to rest and the depth the design can convey when the canvas isn't completely saturated. The same can hold true when creating a scrapbook page.

Supplies: Paper: Pink Paislee, Cardstock: Bazzill Basics, Flowers: Kaisercraft, Die cut and Journaling Spot: My Minds Eye, Stickers: 7 Gypsies, Ribbon: Offray, Buttons: Bo Bunny Press, Bling: Kaisercraft, Tools: Electronic Cutter: Silhouette SD

You can go quite literal when working with negative (or white) space by using a white cardstock background and grouping all your embellishments together like I did in the layout above.

Or you can use a patterned paper as your background but allow it to be your negative space by drawing all the focus to your photo and embellishments like the layout below.

Supplies: Paper, letter stickers, ribbon, felt, brads: American Crafts, Cardstock: Bazzill Basics, Flowers: Kaisercraft, Buttons: Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker

Are you a card maker?

Supplies:  Paper: Pink Paislee, Cardstock: Bazzill Basics, Letter stickers: American Crafts, Flowers: Prima Marketing, Other: Sewing Machine

You can still allow the negative space to shine through. If you are someone who needs to fill in the whole page, this will definitely be a challenge for you but try it out!  I'm sure you will learn over time, like I have, the beauty and power of using that negative space in it's full glory!  If you get a chance to create something using this wonderful element of design, leave a link in the comments so I can come oooh and aaaah.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Which way do I go?

I somehow decided that doing part time census work would be an easy way to earn some extra cash so I said, "sign me up!"

Ummm...what I didn't stop to consider? Me and maps....NOT the best of friends.

I must have that "lost" look to me 'cause I've had several people (including two different police officers) stop to help me.

Of course it doesn't help when you have a back country road that doesn't appear on the census map or even Mr. Policeman's GPS...and Google Maps gives you directions to an adjoining road and then just stops before giving me the "arrive at destination" info. I can't help but get this mental image of Mr. Google peeking at the giant map inside my computer, squinting his eyes, furrowing his brow, shrugging his shoulders and saying, "hmmmm...your guess is as good as mine."

This week's challenge: while the whole maps and street signs haven't exactly been much fun for ME this week, let's see if YOU can have some fun with 'em. Use something "mappish" (it is TOO a word!) on your projects.

Some ideas (but not limited to): arrows, street signs, directions.

Hope you have fun getting where you're going!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

5-8 winner!

Hi all!  Welcome to my favorite Friday of the WHOLE year.  Why?  Because it is my last work day for the school year.  I am on summer vacation!!!!!!!!!!  Happy dance with me!

My apologies for the late prize post today.  I was up and out of here early this morning to attend meetings and finish grades.  Hours later and here I am ready to start my summer of fun and scrapping.  First up--announcing our winner.

This week's prize package goes to Krystle for this layout:

Krystle, I already have your addy from winning last week's NSDay prize.  I will pop this prize in and send it on it's way.  Thanks for playing with us and congrats!

I am LOVING all of the cool posts by our team members.  What fun it is to sign in and learn something new.  Such a talented bunch of ladies!  I cannot wait to see what is posted next.

Yall have a fabulous Friday night!!!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vintage Goodness!

The vintage trend seems to be continuing in full force. manufacturers like Graphic 45, October Afternoon and 7 Gypsies are embracing this trend. Did you know that there are a lot of digital options for vintage images? Wouldn't that butterfly above look fantastic on a page? The images are typical jpegs or pngs and can be easily resized using Microsoft Word, if you don't have a photo editing program.

The steps are easy and will work for almost any digital image. To print a digital element using Microsoft Word:

1. If the file was compressed, unzip the file.

2. Click on Insert>Picture>From File…

3. Navigate to the folder with your element in it and double click the element you wish to print.

4. To resize the element, right click on the image and select Format Picture. On the Size tab, you can change the height or width of the image. Be sure to keep Lock Aspect Ratio checked. You can also resize the image by dragging the handles on the corners when it is selected and holding down the shift key to keep the sizing correct.

Now where can you find these images? I especially enjoy the websites Graphics Fairy, The Vintage Moth and Agence Eureka – both offer free daily vintage images and inspiration. Etsy offers a wide array of vintage printables; as well Scrapstreet's own Digital Store has some vintage images for sale.

Be sure to link us up if you create something fun or find a great new site for vintage images!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5-12 Freebie!

Do you scrappy recycle?  Use packaging as part of your creations?  I try to without going overboard and keeping every item in my scrap room.  Recently I visited the Jillibean Soup blog and saw the cutest layout made out of a sheet that used to hold a cardboard alphabet.  The designer used all of the cute letters and then reused the "leftovers" as the base of a page.  I loved it!

I was inspired by the look of that layout to make a digital alphabet that will let us all reuse a few bits. 

The link is HERE.  I would love to see what you create.  Link back to us in comments anytime!  Have a super hump day!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mists and Stencils

It's very popular right now...using mists. Here's a twist to try: try spraying your mist over a template and then cut it out and use it as an embellishment rather then the background. You can even embellish it more. Here's what I did...

I took a Glimmer Screen from Tattered Angels and sprayed Glimmer Mist over it.

Then I took glue (I used Helmar's Acid Free Craft Glue) and covered a few spots of the design with it. It may be helpful to use a glue that dries clear.

Then I sprinkled on my glitter (this glitter is from Pink Paislee).

After allowing it to dry, I cut it out. I added a little more glitter, my title, and my journaling.

Here's my full layout:

And this is another layout I made using the same Glimmer Screen, but I used it to create my background.

With mists, I have learned that you just have to play around...have a bit of fun and try new things.

Why don't you share your misting experiences and projects with us! :)

Pamela Young

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wacky Squares

I love to handstitch on my layouts but let me tell you, that can get very tedious and tiring at times! So I have vowed to use my sewing machine more often. Poor thing has been collecting dust in the corner. Today I am going to show you a fun and easy technique you can do to use up your scrap papers that you probably have lying around after you've completed several layouts. First up, gather your supplies.

Now what you will want to do is start out with a little square and then build around it to create a larger square. Don't worry if your papers are the same or not. Part of the fun is to mix and match your papers to create a one of a kind design. After you create your square, randomly cut some angles out of your paper to create a wacky looking square.

Here is the fun part, start adding paper around your wacky square until you have reached your desired size. Right now your wacky square is probably looking super wacky.

Use your ruler as a guide and cut out a square or rectangle from your wacky square which you created and viola! Super cool handmade patterned paper!

You can call it done and use it on a project as is or you can add a little bit of texture by machine stitching the pieces together.

And here is my end product on a layout. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. It may take a little bit of time to create your own wacky square paper but it is definately worth it! Trust me!

Supplies: Paper: American Crafts, Studio Calico, Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper, Alphabets: Cosmo Cricket,
Flowers: American Crafts, Mist: Maya Road, Paint: Making Memories, Punch: Martha Stewart Crafts.

Make sure to spend some time crafting today. It is YOUR day after all. Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Until next time!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Prom Pretties

Last Friday was prom for my daughter.
Her dress (and, coincidentally, the entire prom color theme)
was white and black with pink accents.
She looked GORGEOUS! I might be a bit biased there.
But I DO like those colors together.
Love the way the pink just POPS against the black and white.

Sooo...this week's challenge is to use black and white with a POP of color.
Doesn't have to be pink. Just pick an accent color and start creating.

Link back here by Thursday for a chance to win a prize.

Friday, May 7, 2010

NSD Winners!

Without further ado:

Prize pack #1: Pam Young for inviting the most participants!

Prize pack #2: Kellie (one of Pam's invitee's)

Prize pack #3: Krystle on her layout, "Welcome to Our House"

Please email Dora with your information and please include "NSD Winner!" in your subject line.

Thank you all SO much for playing along! Stay tuned for the new weekly challenge being posted tomorrow! It could be YOUR lucky day!

Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fabric: It's Not Just For The Seamstress Anymore....

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday to you! I hope you are having a wonderful day so far! Today, I wanted to share a layout with you showcasing how fun fabric can be in your creations. I love fabric! I love the soft texture of it up against my favorite scrapbooking papers and embellishments. It comes in a wide array of colors, patterns, and textures. Also, the best part about fabric is how affordable it is. I love to hit up my local fabric or craft store, like Joann Crafts, and check out the fabric quarters. The stores are so great to put them on sale quite often. You can score a fabric quarter for around a dollar or even a very cost efficient supply to add to your scrappy arsenal. Or maybe you have a Mom, Grandmother, or family friend who sews...I am sure they would love to offer up some of their leftover fabric pieces. So keep an eye out and pick up some fabric today!!

For this layout, I cut a 12" x 2" strip of scrap cardstock. I then chose some fabric and cut it to about 25" x 3". This part does not have to be precise, you can just eyeball it. I then took my adhesive runner and laid down two strips of adhesive, side by side, on the strip of cardstock. Next, I pleated my fabric. I did not follow any pattern when pleating. I just pleated here and there until I was satisfied with the look of it. That is another reason I love working with fabric, you don't have to be precise. You can just have fun with it. So, after I had my fabric pleated, I took it to my sewing machine and stitched over the top of the pleating for added security. I then took some pinking shears and trimmed the bottom of my fabric, trying to cut as straight as I could. Now, after I did my stitching and cutting, I decided I wanted to cover the stitch to make it look a bit better. So I did a little ribbon work. If you are interested in this ribbon technique, I have a tutorial that I did about a year ago on my blog. You can find that HERE. It really is a easy technique to do and so fun! When I was ready to adhere the strip of pleating to my layout, I used some Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive. I like this adhesive because it really will provide the strong hold needed. After the glue had dried, I trimmed off the excess. Here is my layout..."So Tweet."
See the dimension the fabric can give? I love it!! It makes me want to run back to the craft store and buy up all the fabric I can find.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I encourage you to pull out your sewing machine and fabric and work them into some of your crafty projects! If you do, please post them in the gallery here at Scrapstreet. We would love to see them!

Yall have a fabulous day and Happy Scrappin'!

Aymee aka Southernbellescrapper

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Freebie Wednesday

So after all the fun of NSD, are you all scrapped out? If not here is another of Janice's lovely Frameworks for you.

Created in Photoshop, you can either use it as a sketch if you paper scrap or use your digi papers and elements to make a layout like Janice has!

To get your copy click here

Saturday, May 1, 2010

National Scrapbooking Day 2010

Welcome to NSD 2010 at ScrapStreet!

Today, we have oodles of fun planned for you! Projects to inspire your creative side, challenges to conquer, prizes to win and so much more!

Everything in our Online Store is marked down 30%! Make sure you stop over there to check out these great deals! We have very talented designers devoted to creating beautiful products for your next project!

Start your event-filled NSD by hopping along some of the blogs of our very talented staff! Your first stop will be that of our extremely talented owner, Dora! Dora's blog, Life with a Twist, is sure get your NSD started right! Each of our very talented ladies are sure to keep you entertained, visually delighted, creatively challenged, and/or possibly prosperous by way of a prize!

If you get lost along the hop, here is a list of all of the participating blogs in order of appearance:


I love prizes! I am sure you do too! SO in honor of NSD, here is the skinny:

We have THREE awesome prize packages to give away! These will be chockfull of the hottest scrapbooking products we can get our hands on! BasicGrey, Pink Paislee, Fancy Pants, Crate Paper and SO much more!

Prize #1: will go to the person who refers the MOST people to this blog hop! Make sure each person you invite leaves your name in their comment! Invite them via Facebook, Twitter, your blog, a phone call, a banner tied to a plane, or however you see fit; just invite them here! You have until Midnight EST on Sunday to comment!

Prize #2: will go to a random drawing of all of the friends Winner #1 invites! Bribe your friends with a chance to win something for them!!! I'm kidding, you don't have to bribe them just tell them about this awesome opportunity! Again, when the clock strikes midnight on Sunday, the carriage will turn back into a pumpkin and your opportunity will end!

Prize #3: will go to a random drawing from all of the challenge entries...

Now on to our challenge for the week!

I am a lass of many tidings,

My love to talk is not in hiding.

Nor is my love of writing a funny rhyme,

Which I have been known to do from time to time.

A worthy trial is issued on this day of merriment,

One that you will conquer, I believe, 100 percent!

A limerick, you must create, to adorn a page or a card,

Don't fret yourself, 'tis not that hard!

Use my friends, linked down below,

Though not a secret, to you, them I bestow!

Enjoy yourself and let your mind wander,

Two lines, at least, no stressful ponder!

Go now and create; enjoy the festivities!

Hop along the blogs; fill up on creativity!

6 days, have you, to fulfill my lofty game,

Thursday shall close; a winner to proclaim!

Challenge: Create a rhyme (at least two lines) and use it on a card or layout. You have until Thursday night to link your creation to this post! The winner will be chosen at random from all the entries! Helpful sites: MSN Thesaurus & RhymeZone


Click on the image to download your free "Place in the Country" from Handmaid Designs!

Also, don't miss out on May's digital freebie, "Hop and Skip" by Handmaid Designs!! You can find it and more in May's edition of "Going Places" released first thing this morning!

Want More? Head on over to our forums for even MORE challenges and prizes! Check out the NSD Challenge boards for more inspiration and creative prompts to jumpstart your fun-filled day! Make sure to stop our Gallery to see all of the great creations from our members!

Here's wishing a very happy (and hopefully accomplishing) National Scrapbooking Day from our staff to you!