Monday, July 28, 2008

A Whole New Look!

Hey we all like a new outfit or spruce up something we already have around and customize it to our own look.
I am so excited I have a whole new look for my blog!!! I have be admiring the blogs with the fancy headers and sidebars that all match. I had figured out how do my own header for my blog but I had no clue how to do the sidebars. So the other day I was going through the forum at DST and came across Shabby Miss Jenn's shabby blogs.Photobucket
These have all the elements already done for you but I was still not ready to take the plunge because I still had no idea how to get these into my blog.
I found some other cute kits with the same concept the one difference for me which brought me back to buy from Shabby Miss Jenn was she has a tutorial already setup that walks you through the whole process of how to get this into your blog. So I watched the tutorial video and thought I can do this!!
So Saturday I took the plunge and bought the kit. It took me about 2 hours to get everything set up, I had to customize my header and the sidebars to say what I wanted on them. Then began the setup, with the video tutorial you can watch it and then stop it to do what you need to do.
Believe me if I can do it anyone can. So go fancy up your blog as there is nothing standing in your way now. If you want to stop by and see how the whole blog looks as the picture only show part of it come on by to Eyelet's Scraps Designs. Facebook