Friday, July 4, 2008

Welcome to Friday!!!!!!!!

I confess. I am a sketcher. Before I write anything, I jot down a few notes in the margin--an outline of sorts. Before scrapping, I do the same thing. I put at least the basic bones of my layout into a margin. My sketches never seem to have embellishments on them, but they start me off with a shape I can translate into a finished page or two. I jotted this one down on my napkin this morning as I was setting up our neighborhood penny carnival. What inspired me? Their were three picnic tables all in a row in the corner of our park pavilion. I saw this:

And when I got home, I digi-ed it up and then grabbed a couple of pics from today and got right down to playtime. Yes, you read right--I scrapped today's pictures today! Just a couple from my VERY full camera!

1st Taste by Dora Phillips. Model is my darling niece Isabelle who became a big sister yesterday! Kit is Puckered Place my new fave of mine available in our store.

Pimped My Ride by Dora Phillips. Kit is July Jeans free this month in the ScrapStreet store.

What can you do with this sketch? I would love to see! If you make something you would like to share, email me at Happy 4th of July! Facebook