Monday, July 7, 2008

Texture Fun

I went on a walk in this fab park we have, it is full of flowers, fountains and a greenhouse. Last time I was there I took some wonderful pictures of flowers that I used on my cards I make. This time I really got caught up in looking for pictures of textures which I could later use in my designing.

So I thought I would share two of the textures I took and show you what I would do with it. It can been fun even if you aren't a designer to try this for yourself.

I went in and picked a color that I wanted to work with as my starting background.

Now I wanted to get a texture that I would place on top of this --
This texture started off as tree bark which I liked but wanted to try something a bit different with it. So I took the whole picture and scunched it up and then copied and pasted a few times to come up with the texture at the top. I then blended the seams a bit with the blur tool.

Now we are to go to the blending tools as see what we can come up with.
I circled the blending tool so you can see on this one I used "Hard Light". While this is an interesting texture I'm not done playing with this yet. You could lower the opacity to make the texture lighter or leave it like it is. I want to leave it at 100% but I'm going to add another texture on top of this one to show you what you can do.
I love this grungy looking stone texture that I took, so I am going to place this on the layer above the texture we had been working with. Then I am going to go to the blending tools and use the, "Linear Burn" on this texture layer.


Now the paper is getting really interesting but let's play around with the blending tools as I'm not sure I want to leave it like this.


Oh, now I really liked how that turned out and I think I will leave it just like this. I love the grunge look of this paper and ideas are popping in my head for where I could go with designing a kit using this paper.

If you would like to try having some fun with textures I have a few free ones for you. These can be used for personal or commerical use. I hope you enjoy them and have fun creating.
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Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 15 Jul [LA 02:55am, NY 04:55am, UK 09:55am, OZ 07:55pm]).

Mara said...

thank you very much