Friday, July 11, 2008

Dare you!

I would consider myself to be fairly techno savvy. I have to think all digi scrappers would fall into the computer-do as opposed to the computer-don'ts. That is not to say that there are not times when we want to chuck the little beastie through a wall, but we take a deep breath, pop some chocolate in, and try again.


So why is it that none of my non computer devices have any layouts on them? Or even any pictures?

My phone. My mp3 player. My hubby's mp3 player. His phone. My daughter's mp3 player. The rotating digital key chain thing my MIL gave me for Christmas. Not last Christmas--the one before that. Not a single one boasts an image of my children in all their scrapbooked glory.

We were at dinner with friends and doing the inevitable show pictures of our munchkins. I had a few in my wallet. Everyone else had them stored in phones. Darling. Best I could do to keep up was to use the hubby's blackberry and zip into my ScrapStreet gallery. whew. good thing I had that for back up!

So here is my dare today. Grab your electrical friends and load them up with some of those pretties you work so hard to create. You can do it! The computer is your friend!

Who knows. You may just want to run an extra mile during your workout while looking down at that layout made from you in your bathing suit at 18. Try combining it with some inspiring song like "Eye of the Tiger" or my current fave Trace's "One Hot Momma."

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denean said...

Great idea! Gonna put some in my ipod!