Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Inspiration - i'm lost, point me out?

I am infatuated with road signs. Every where I look (or turn, as the case may be), I am always actively noticing road signs.

Here's the story: When I was little, we were an often-traveling Army family. Mode of transportation was, of course, car in the United States, twice across the United States. Dad told my brother & I this story - The Story of Falling Rock. He was a young Native American boy who had gotten lost amid the mountains. So it was my brother's and my job to look for young Falling Rock as we drove across the U.S., especially when we saw the watch for falling rock road signs.

Once I realized the magnificent and slightly genius ploy behind Dad's story, I still realized my eyes were ever watching road signs. Arrows, colors, directions, you name it - I'm watching it.

Oh, don't even get me started on my obsession with studying traffic patterns. Doug can fill ya in on that one. =)

So, why not some arrow freebies (or almost free)?

ARROWS: Pointers Polywog Arrow Fonts Arrow Fonts Arrow brushes
Seishedo (symbolical): This Way Out

FishTanked by Lindsey Krauss. Supplies: Digital kit: Relax by Michelle "Spink" Boeckermann for, Fonts: 2Peas, Editing program: Adobe PhotoShop CS2. Lure, Googled. Sketch: Scrapbook and Cards Today, 2008. Facebook


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