Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pop A Color

I loved this photo of Brooke, but the color of her coat overwhelmed the detail of the butterfly on her hands.
Here's a super simple way to take a color photograph and highlight a key element as the focal point.

1. Open your photo and duplicate so as to preserve your original.
2. Now click Hue/Saturation in your layers palette and move the slider to the left to -100.

3. Make sure your Foreground colors are in their default position of Foreground=Black and Background=White.

4. Go to Edit and "Fill" your layer mask with white.

5. Select a soft round brush with black as your foreground and begin to add back the colors you want in your photo image by simply brushing over. Don't forget to zoom-in to be as accurate as possible.
6. If you make any mistakes such as "over the edges" not a problem, just reverse your brush color to white and clean up any errors.

I added another touch to this photo using Alien Skin Exposure.
I chose "Color Film" and then chose...Modify>Soften>Subtle to get a bit more of a dreamy effect.

Finished Photo