Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding Fever!!

Hello everyone...
Jodi here. With the very recent royal nuptials, i thought i would talk about Weddings today!

You cant help but get excited with the wedding of 
Wills & Kate!
All that love in the air, excitement and expectations!
I really do wish these two gorgeous people every happiness in the world!
Wasn't it a beautiful wedding party?

Scrapping our Wedding Photos brings back so many memories!

Here is a layout i have done recently from my wedding
Way back in 1989!

We were young and in love!!!

And here is layout of my daughter being presented as a Debutante.
(A Debutante Ball is very popular here in Australia. Its a very old English tradition of presenting ones 17 year old innocent daughter into society for the prospect of Marriage)
Now they are a way for local Charities to fund raise.

Have you seen my May Flowers?

I love flowers.  Oddly enough not in my wardrobe or home decor--I am not really a print gal--but I adore live flowers.  And I cannot get enough of beautiful layouts with blooms perfectly placed.  This month always brings plenty of both.

Our free kit this month shows off beautiful blooms.  A big thank you to Colie's Corner for gifting us with this gorgeous kit:  Signs of Spring.

Downloads:    {zip one}    {zip two}

You can read more about Colie's Corner and see more of her work along with some fun spring articles in our May issue of Ginger Scraps Street Magazine. 

This month includes a change for the future of Magazine.  After this issue, we will move to a quarterly format.  Our talented team is excited to have more time to create articles and items for your inspiration.  The next issue will be Summer and will hit email addy's on July 1.  Here is the May issue for your enjoyment:

We hope that your May days bloom beautifully! 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fun mini album idea!

Today I wanted to share a really fun mini album idea with you, that I actually got from Hilde Janbroers (you should definitely check out her inspiring and amazing BLOG!). The idea is to make a mini album asking your child 10 different questions, and you can make one every year or twice a year, or whatever. It's so fun to look back on and see what they were like. I have made two so far - one when DD was 5.5, and another when she was 6.5. These are actually her favorite mini's - she gets a kick out of seeing what shew as into when she was a young 'un ...LOL

Here's the fist one I made:

And here's the one from a few months ago:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chipboard fun!

Hi everyone, I wanted to share two new layouts today I created using Scrapmatts laser-cut chipboard. Most of it I altered with embossing powders. To get a somewhat aged effect, coat the chipboard with the powder and brush off some of it with your fingers before heat embossing - then the effect will be more uneven and look more weathered, especially if a little of the raw chipboard shows through.

First up is "Such Sweet Memories" and I used the new Rococo line by Harmonie.

The second one is "Pink Spring" and I used My Little Shoebox pp.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Favorites from the Current Issue of GingerScrapsStreet Magazine

Julie Ann Shahin here with a few highlights from our current issue of GingerScrapsStreet Magazine. Have you checked it out lately? GingerScrapsStreet Magazine focuses on the best in digital and hybrid scrapbooking, as well as the occasional traditional project here and there for balance. Let me show you some of my favorites:

Editor: Jodi Dolbel

You+Smile=Football by Julie Stevenson 

Digital Supplies: Kit Horray for the Home Team by Kathy Winters( GingerScraps), Software: PSE8 Fonts: Pupcat Actions: Little Perk & Bright Eyes by Coffee Shop.

Design Notes: This LO was for the Battle of the Creative Teams, I had to follow some rules of what HAD to be on the LO, I love how it turned out. I use my SLR on Sports mode when taking football pictures, they turn out great. I PS I usually run the action “Little Perk” by, Coffee Shop and on the close up I brightened up his eyes a tiny bit with “Eye Bright” by Coffee Shop. They have free actions for PSE.

Journaling: I was nervous starting you at 5...but you wanted to be on the team so bad. You love watching your brother play so I knew you were ready. You are so dang cute in your gear! Everything is so big on you. You love it even more than i thought you would. You love hanging with all your “Big football friends” at school. You love wearing your jersey. You even love going to practice and cheering your team on during game time. You love being the only 5 year old that gets to practice with the team. I love you. Watch out world...Tyler is ready to take you on!

Julie Ann's Notes: I picked this layout as a favorite because of the awesome photography, and those eyes just drew me in. The themed kit is absolutely perfect, and her journaling is wonderful.

Editor: Maria Snell
I love you by Monica (aka Scrappamondo) 
Kit Mr. & Mrs by Nibbles Skribbles, Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Editor's Note: The bold orange of the flowers just pops off the page--what an excellent design choice.

Julie Ann's Notes: I picked this as a favorite because the black and white theme creates an elegant setting for the romantic wedding photo, and yet the flowers are large enough to be a little cute at the same time. Overall, very striking!

Editor: Sara Frisch

The Heart of My Home by Sarah Sharp (sporte91) 

Digital Supplies: Template: favorite thing by TaylorMade, Paper: Warm Woolen Mittens by Three Paper Peonies, Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2, Fonts: Presse, Pea Devon Caps, Pea Devon.

Design Notes: Keeping the design simple and clean gives this page a lot of impact, and converting the photo to black and white was another way to remove distractions and narrow the page's focus.

Journaling: List: bill paying,meal planning, clothes shopping, money saving, scrapbooking, facebooking, letter writing, card making, phone talking, blog posting, email reading, photo editing, family managing. Text in middle of list: It all happens here at my desk.

Julie Ann's Notes: I picked this layout as a favorite because the simplicity of it caught my eye! I love the list. I love the casual, everyday photo. Wish I had done this layout!

Editor: Casey Thompson
Bedtime Stories by Kim De Smet 

Digital Supplies: Kit: Bedtime Stories by Kotozebra (Matrioshki Scrap Store), Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Font: Pea Jane (fonts for peas).

Design Notes: I had been wanting to scrap about this subject for a while when I found just the perfect kit to tell my story! The imaginary characters represent the magical fairytales that I make up for my daughter and the flying couch is symbolic for how, at 6, she still ‘buys’ what I’m telling her and she lets the stories carry her completely away. I didn’t have a photo of me and my daughter at bedtime when we read our bedtime stories, but when I saw the couch I remembered a photo I took of my daughter ‘reading’ her library book and she happened to sit in the perfect position, so I could extract her and place her on the flying couch! Editor's Note: This layout from Kim shows another technique for scrapping reading layouts…fantasy. Her use of extraction looks great and the way that she 'built' the fantasy looks marvelous. It truly appears as if her daughter opened a book and flew away to a lovely fairytale world. What a gorgeous layout and creative idea!

Journaling: When you were little, you didn’t mind how many times I read to you from the same book. I could read the same story over and over again, you liked to listen to it every time. Now, at 6, that has changed. Every night at storytime, you don’t like whatever book I pick. You know them all by heart. We go to the library every three weeks, but even those stories you will only listen to once. So I started to make up stories for you. I tell you fairytales with you and your brother in the leading roles and you love it and think it is hilarious! You are learning to read at school now, and now and then I let you read me a story at bedtime, on your own level. It won’t be long until you can read books yourself instead of just looking at the pictures. And when the time comes, I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do! – October 2010.

Julie Ann's Notes:  I picked this layout as a favorite because it so fits what reading represents, traveling to far-away places, fantasy lands, experiencing new things. I love the whimsical feel. I also love that it's the opposite style of how I scrap myself.

Editor: Julie Ann Shahin
Un balcon sur Paris/ A Balcony in Paris by Fabienne Pernot 

Supplies: Cardboard Balcony Kit, Chipboard: EmbelliScrap, Paper: Webster's Pages, Gems, Flowers: Prima, Die Cuts: Crafty Secrets, Vintage, Paint: Gesso, Specialty Paint, Inks: Ranger Industries, Pens: American Craft, Fonts: English, Other: Liquid Pearl, Buttons. Tools: Glue: Aleene’s, Punches: Martha Stewart, Border Punches: EK Success, Martha Stewart, Stamps: Crafty Secrets, Florilèges Design, Other: Sandpaper.

Editor’s Note: I have never seen such an incredible idea for a mini-album, presented in a three-dimensional format. The balcony folds down, the doors and windows open out, and the mini-album folds out from there. It is really a delightful way to highlight a memorable vacation. You can view more photos of this project and the inside album pages in a slideshow here. Thanks Fabienne for sharing it with us! Journaling: A Trip in Paris.

Julie Ann's Notes:  It was a hard decision to pick just one from my own article to highlight since I fell in love with all of the projects yet this one stole my breath away from the first moment I saw it.

Sara McCarthy
Family Christmas Party by Janet Long 

Digital Supplies: Kit: Christmas Dreams Kit by Mindy Teresawa (Designer Digitals), Paper: Clean and Serene No. 01 Solids Paper Pack by Jesse Edwards (Designer Digitals), Elements: Christmas Dreams Glitters by Mindy Teresawa (Designer Digitals), Stitched By Anna Brown No. 01 by Anna Aspnes (Designer Digitals), Photo Wraps No. 02 by Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals), Staple Its! by Pattie Knox (Designer Digitals), Mixed Stamped Alphabet by Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals), Photo Clusters No. 9 by Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals), Worn Page Edges by Lynn Grieveson (Designer Digitals), Hello Baby Hand Drawn Brushes by Ali Edwards (Designer Digitals), Remember Word Art by Ali Edwards (Designer Digitals), Holiday Hand Drawn Brushes by Ali Edwards (Designer Digitals), Software: CS3 Fonts: Pookie Stretch.

Editor's Note: Repetition is a design principle used to unify compositions. By repeating elements (such as the stars and green string seen here) throughout your layout you can create page that is very pleasing to the eye.

Journaling: 1. Eat dinner 2. Play Bunko 3. Fondue 4. Watch movie 5. Sleep over 6. Brunch

Julie Ann's Notes:  I have to admit that what caught my eye on this layout are the Ali Edward's digital elements. I'm a huge fan and I love her style! The photos are so fun too! Love the happiness here.

Editor: Katey Green
All the Little Things by Maria Snell

Digital Supplies: Kit: Simple Pleasures by Valarie Ostrom, Template: In the Mix by Alegna Design, Software: Adobe PSCS3 Gimp 2.

Design Notes: I wanted a simple, clean design with a lot of punch, so using a template I built my layout around the fabulous background paper that makes my picture pop.

Julie Ann's Notes: I picked this as a favorite because I love the off-center design, and all of the "white" space.

Monkey See Monkey Do by Casey Thompson

Digital Supplies: Kit: Monkey See Monkey Do by Valarie Ostrom Designs, Template: by Lauren Grier CT Member (scrapfasticdesigns blog), Software: Adobe PSE9, Fonts: Pea Shelia.

Editor's Note:Look how Casey has used the cute monkey as a photo and matte clip!

Journaling: It only took one or two times of Daddy showing you that your new toy had a microphone before you were using it like a pro. You always amaze us on how quickly you pick up on new things. You can see Daddy or I do something only once or twice and it really is like monkey see...monkey do! What fun our little Ella Monkey is!

Julie Ann's Notes: I picked this as a favorite because Casey really showcased the kit to the fullest. Just absolutely adorable!

Easter Teapot Cuties by Rebecca Swayzee

Digital Supplies: Element: Teapot gift box by ArtiCrafts by Rebecca (Visual Designs by Chris), Software: Sure Cuts A Lot.

Supplies: Paper: Die Cuts with a View, Boxer Scrapbooks, Brads: Boxer Scrapbooks, Tools: Cricut Expression (Provocraft).

Design Notes: I wanted to do something fun and creative to dress up the teapot and was inspired it into an Easter bunny from a quilt my next door neighbor had made for her granddaughter. The Easter chick was a perfect companion to the bunny.

Julie Ann's Notes: I picked these as a favorite because they just make me smile! How absolutely fun!!! 

Want to be published in our next issue?

Magazine Calls
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Each month we will choose one layout to grace our cover and that designer will receive a wonderful package of goodies as our thanks. All layouts submitted for our article calls are eligible. Good Luck!

July 2011 Calls 

I've Been Everywhere.  Hotels, resorts, campsites - share layouts showing rocking places where you have stayed on vacation!

No Photo? No Problem! Lots to say but no photo to highlight your thoughts? That's all right! Let your words be the focus; share your photo-less layout and inspire others with your journal-heavy creation.

Style Runway. I want to see everyone's individual scrapping style, from simple to complex, shabby to grunge, show me how you are all expressing your scrappy style.

Boy, Its Hot.  Show me layouts on how to keep cool...a day at the lake, ice cream, sprinklers...I want them all! Digital, hybrid and traditional scrapping projects are welcome!

Annual Plan.  Did you take on an annual challenge like: One Word/Project 365/Project Me/Week In the Life/Day In The Life, etc. Here we are half way through the year--how is it going?  Share a fave or two from your work.

Get Carded:   Create cards just right for a summer party!  Whether it is pool, bbq, birthday, or just cocktail night, we want to see your rockin party cards.  Traditional, hybrid, and digi all welcome!

Crossroads Cafe: How Does Your Garden Grow? Fabric, Felt, Paper, Crepe--how many ways do you use flowers in your projects? Do you have a special way with bugs, vegetables or flowers? We want to see those garden infused projects! ALL project types welcome!

Deadline is midnight April 29th for all calls.

Please send your work to

Please send a separate email for each submission you would like to be considered for publication. Please keep the image size around 600 x 600 pixels. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Freebie

Hi everyone, we have a quickpage for you this week. I love heritage style anything, so today we have a ready done page in PNG format.

Just pop your photo on the layer behind, position in the frame and there you are... a pretty vintage layout for your nearest and dearest.

You can download it here for the next week and then it will be gone. Enjoy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Mood" crayons from chocolate molds

Hi ScrapStreet friends! It's Sara with a fun craft project, just perfect for a nice Spring day. Or a nice winter day. Or whenever! :) Don't forget to take photos so you can scrap the fun!

My daughter loves to color. She loves it so much, she goes through crayons quite quickly...and ends up with those little nubbies that are too small to hold (and are choking hazards for babies. Not good!). So I collect them in a little tin. When I get enough, I make Mood crayons out of them. What are mood crayons, you ask? Just look at the photo below! And check my blog, Tree City Studio, for detailed instructions on how to make them.
Did I mention the mold is actually for meant for chocolate?! It's by Silkomart; I got it from (yea to free shipping!) and will probably be buying the dinosaur one next!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Freebie

Please excuse our lack of posts this month, we are undergoing changes. In the meantime here is another little freebie for you to play with. Revamped from a previous kit called Touch Of Spring, this mini kit has 4 papers and a handful of elements - the chocolates look so good I could eat them!

You can grab it here for the next week. Enjoy. Sorry link expired.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Freebie

This week we have a free alpha for you. This was created using the In Over My Head kit by P'tit Studio Katia.

Great for printing on card and cutting out in odd rectangles and using with altered art projects. Or, just use it as a fun alpha on your layouts. Grab it here this week, else it will vanish! Enjoy. Sorry link expired.