Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Using 3D Elements

I love making all kinds of mini albums.  I personally like to make the cover first because that helps me set the premise for creating the rest of the pages inside.  I also want to make sure that my album cover gets your attention from the first moment you see it.

One of the ways that I initiate interest on my album covers is by using 3D elements whenever possible; and using a wood piece is an excellent way to decorate an album cover and catch your attention.

Wood pieces come in different patterns, below are four albums I have made with 4 different themes.  The covers or introduction to the album speaks for itself.  There is no mistaking what the theme of the album will be by the wood piece that is shown on the cover.

Next time you are contemplating making an album, think about your theme first - and then go shopping for a cute 3D wood piece.  You will be amazed at how many choices you have.  Oh, as an added tip, when adhering your wood piece to your cover be sure to use a strong liquid glue such as Beacon’s fabri-tac or zip-dry.  These adhesives dry fast and clear.  Happy Scrapping!



kellystar said...

LOVE these books...especially the Halloween one! They all look fabulous and full of creativity.

Jingle said...

These are absolutely adorable!

Annette Witherspoon ♥ said...

Wow, Veronica! These are so cute! The Frankenstein is my fave!! He's cute!

Connie said...

this are adorable~so cute!!!

I'm just a simple gal said...


Dora said...

omg are these cute!