Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm a Garbage Picker!

Before you toss out that tag, candy package or whatever ask yourself if you might use it in a creation?  I love to find garbage items and use them in a project.  Now before you are grossed out, I’m talking about paper products or plastic that can be washed and re-used, not banana  peels  or apple cores.    I have a pile of odd tags, tickets, wrappers that I nabbed before they were lost forever in the garbage. I have even been known to sort though the trash, if necessary, to get something I was eyeballing that got thrown away.   Here are just a couple things from my garbage pile, DSW receipt envelope, gum package, black mesh, parking pass.

First, let me tell you about this wonderful black plastic mesh that was in a take out pizza box.  I guess it was to keep the air flowing around the pizza or something, who knows what it was for?  Anyway I immediately thought, how cool, I have to keep this. After de-greasing it I tossed it in my garbage bin.  How I used it -  I cut a small piece to border the top of the card below and then threaded ribbon through it.

My next garbage favorite is gum packages.  I really like the Project 7 gum packs .  Since my husband always keeps gum in his car I often go and raid his car to check out what the package looks like and to steal the package if it's cool.  Yes, I have been known to dump all the gum out of the package because I have to have that package now.  It doesn’t make me real popular.

Let’s not forget about clothing tags. Notice the Life is Good pink tag in the center, a great piece of trash and perfect for a birthday card.  Many clothing manufacturers have really unique tags so be sure to check them out before you throw them out.  And don’t forget the actual price tag, collect a bunch and make your own background paper

Another great garbage find is when you get a receipt or something that comes in a fun little envelope.  The DSW  envelope works perfectly for a candy holder for my favorite little Halloween goblin.  I filled it with chocolates - YUM!  But really, an envelope like that has tons of way to be recreated, use it for a gift card holder, present tickets to a special event it in...  Next time you are just throwing out that "junk" try to look at it in a creative light.



Dora said...

what great ideas! If you turn me into a hoarder, I will get you!

kitsNbits said...

great cards. love the spooky and the fact that you up-cycle :)