Thursday, October 27, 2011

Missed Goals

Have you ever caught yourself reminiscing back to your youth and becoming depressed, saddened or frustrated because you realized there were things you wanted to accomplish - but didn't? I accidentally went that direction not too long ago.  I hate it when I let myself go there because I know that I should be appreciative of where I'm at. And no matter how many times I get irritated with myself, I can't go back and change it. All I can do is observe where I'm not right now and what can I do to improve or work with what I've got.

At Scrapbooking from the Inside Out, the October kit focuses on Achievement. I wanted to document that moment when I reminisce to the days of youthful amibition!

And because I wanted to still go easy on myself, I softened it up with flowers and ruffled ribbon. (Flowers are not included in the kit.)

And here is that wee list. Some of it includes current goals and one's that I had hoped to have reached by now and still haven't.

Thankfully, these are all things that I could still accomplish. The desire for an interior design degree is no longer there but has morphed into graphic design. Now someone tell to get off my hiney and get to working on that goal please!

How about you? Any goals you have that seem to be out of reach at the moment? Now go use your favorite hobby and creatively journal it.

- Melissa Facebook


kitsNbits said...

love your layout and the subtlety of color. the kit looks awesome. NOw get off your behind and start the graphic design degree

Jennifer Larson said...

This is just lovely, and what a great idea!

Dora said...

really great details! and a great prompt for a page. thanks!