Sunday, October 2, 2011

And our newest writer is . . .

Jill!  She officially starts with us on October 1st and you will see her first article in the November issue.  She is a talented digital scrapper who we have published quite a bit recently.  You can check out her digital d-lites on her blog.

Adding Jill to our team was one of those kismet moments for me.  It was the weekend after my birthday and I promised myself some fun scrapping.  Often I have so many scrapping assignments, that I miss the creativity of just having fun with this art form.  One challenge blog was running a "lift something digi in paper" layout challenge.  I popped into Digital Scrapbook Place's gallery to find a little something to start the challenge rolling.  This layout  immediately caught my eye:

I absolutely love to journal on strips and had never tried going one word at a time.  I knew I had to give it a try!  I clicked on her personal gallery and was looking for a layout to lift for the challenge when my email chimed at me.

It was Jill asking if I had any calls coming up for a digi gal.  Oddly enough, we had just posted our new writers a couple days before, but had not found anyone for our all digi spot.  We began chatting back and forth a bit about her writing and scrapping experience.  I quickly discovered three things:

1.  She had a fabulous personality.
2.  She lived not too far from me.
3.  It was HER gallery I was in at that exact moment.

Well, that was just a sign, right? 

After 6 years as an online scrapper, I no longer question that instant connection I find with some women.  My best friends really do live in my computer.  Or at least they start in my computer and are even more delightful when we hang out live.  I have traveled all over the United States meeting scrappy friends and still have a few more to meet and a few international gals on my visit list.  We have helped each other celebrate successes and survive sadness.  Scrapbookers are the best of women and I am pleased to call so many of them friends.

I am more than thrilled to welcome Jill as our newest ScrapStreet Sister! Facebook


sandygb said...

Jill is one of my "scrap sisters" at Digital Scrapbook Place. You are so right about her being a fabulous scrapper, an excellent communicator and writer, and FUN!!! I can't wait to follow her articles!

kitsNbits said...

love your layouts jill and so happy to be a part of our scrap staff