Friday, October 28, 2011

{making pretty cards...}

Hello everyone! Its Smitha here, to share some crafty thoughts with you today.

I have been making cards for over a year now. I am basically a scrapbooker at heart. But cardmaking is so much fun and  I love that you can feel so creative and by making a quick card in under 15 minutes. Instant gratification.

And isn't it handy, that you always have a stack of cards on hand, ready to use! I love having cards with no sentiments, these are so versatile... perfect last minute gift!
Another staple in my card collection, 'thank you cards"
Now that my little girl is growing up and making friends of her own, I think I should be making more "happy birthday" cards :)

What is in your card collection? I would love to hear about it!



Annette Witherspoon ♥ said...

Very cute, Smitha!

a1983alaskan said...

15 minutes!!!? It takes me an hour to make a card--and that's if I'm following a template! LOL! I usually make birthday, get well, thank you, and sympathy (unfortunately, I'm at the age where those are used more often). The hardest card for me to make: men's birthday cards. And it seems I have many men that need them!)
I am a scrapbooker, too, and seldom use stamps of any kind.
Thanks for sharing your cards :-)

kitsNbits said...

Great cards smitha. I have a collection going of cards, mostly thank you cards. I have to venture out and make a stash of birthdays and maybe some thinking of you :) thanks for the inspiration!

Dora said...

I had a great stash going of birthday, hi, and thanks but am almost out. Time for a card day!

salma said...

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