Saturday, July 28, 2012

An Olympic-Sized Celebration

Hello fellow ScrapStreeters! Yesterday kicked off the biggest sporting event across the world - the Olympics. Athletes from all over gather together to compete for the coveted gold medal. They push the limits of their physical and mental strength. They live for the day they can challenge their skills.

Today, you have a chance to challenge your skills. It's no Olympics, but it's a chance for you to put your crafting skills to the test. The winner may not receive a gold medal, but lots of prizes are guaranteed!

You are invited to join Pink by Design in celebrating its two-year anniversary, where the design team will be posting challenges throughout the day. If you want to push your crafting skills to the limits, you too can win a prize because anyone who completes them all will get a free stamp set mailed to them!! That's on TOP of the prizes we are giving away for playing along-- Are you up for a challenge?

The design team has been exercising their skills in preparation for the big event. Below are some sneak peeks. Can you guess the theme of the challenges? Head over to Pink by Design to find out how you can compete and win!