Friday, August 1, 2008

What do you think when you see these photos? I see paper. Yummy, textured scrap paper. Last week my husband and I took our kids to the aquarium and as I snapped pictures of walls, signs, grass, and stone, he stopped me and asked what the heck was I doing? I tried to explain. Really, I did. I pointed out the glorious textures all around us. I know he didn't get it, but I did--lots of fabulous shots.

In addition to taking my own shots, I have a few favorite texture sites. Here is my fave--and the one these shots came from--CG Textures. Have some fun!



nannasquared said...

I love Dr. Who-my favorite one, Tom Baker. My oldest son (now 27) and I would stay up late to watch it on PBS back in the 80's.