Monday, August 11, 2008

Inspiration Gone?

I usually don't have any trouble coming up with something for the blog but today I am dry. Chalk it up to an overly busy weekend and going back to work so I feel like I am on overload today.

So where do you go for inspiration when your creative juices are all dried up?? Myself I will look through the galleries or maybe a store getting inspiration from what a designer has created. Sometimes ideas just pop into my head for a layout or a new kit. Taking a walk and looking at what God has created can get them going again too, it calms me down enough to shut out the world and be inspired by what my eyes see.

I put up a humming bird feeder just for that very reason I had every intention last year of buying one but never go around to doing it. So last week I bought one and I was so excited about getting this put up. I had seen a humming bird going around the hosta's so I knew it would like the feeder.
But..........what a bummer that when I arrived home only part of the feeder was in the box. I did finally get everything and put up the feeder, I have enjoyed watching them come and go.
I didn't take the picture for this but did you know there is such a thing as a Humming Bird Moth? Yep, looks just like a humming bird until you look closer and see they have antenna's.
I did finally see these in person the other day my friend has a butterfly bush and it was flying around there just like a humming bird would. Such stunning colors! I know I will use the colors from this stunning fellow in a kit soon. See my creativity is already coming back and I will be itching to be designing this evening.

So when you feel like all your creativity has left you just take some quite time to be with yourself and nature. There is plenty there that will inspire you and get them flowing again. Facebook