Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hey,hey its Saturday

Another week over in August and Autumn is fast approaching. I love this time of year it is quite magical. The warmth of the sun on the ground and the smell of dampness on the ripened grass. It has a real feel good factor for me. Although we havent had much of a summer, and the ground is very wet from the excess rain, none the less when the sun is out it is magnifient. August and September mean Blackberry Time here in these parts. Behind my home is a wonderful park Llyn Llech Owain. In the centre of the park is a lake, but on the approach from our home there is a long winding path through woodland in all it's natural glory. And the blackberries well, last yearI had around 5 kilos from the immedaite area at the back. Beautiful juicy huge berries. Needless to say I made lots of blackberry pies and blackberry crumbles.Gave a few to friends and froze a kilo or 2 for later in the year in fact i still have a few left. mazzie loved to put a handfull in a jug in the microwave with a bit of sugar to taste and miked it for 3 mins and poured the result over icecream..yummy!!

Here is my recipe for Blackberry and Apple crumb pie

Take enough of your favorite pastry to line a pie dish or make it as I do

6ozs flour

3ozs hard vegtable fat or marg or a mix

1teaspoon of icing sugar or powdered sugar

chop fat into flour or process quickly in a processor , keep it cool as you work, when like fine breadcrumbs add enough icy water to make a dry stiff paste. Bring altogether and quickly knead into a lump. Wrap in cling foil or clean teatowel and leave to rest 20 mins in cool place or refrigerator.

Take 2lbs of cooking apples ( will be more than enough but just in case use the 2lbs)peel core and slice or chop add 6ozs of sugar or to taste (If the apples are not very tasty try using a spoonful of lemon juice and more sugar). Put in a pan with 3 tbsp of water and simmer gently until they are pulped. Alternatively put into a jug or basin with at least 6 inches headroom cover with clingfilm, pierce and microwave at full power for 3-6 minutes depending on your microwave, until they are pulped.

Clean 8 ozs of blackberries and set aside.

Take a further 6 ozs of flour,

3ozs of butter

30zs of any sugar as long as it isnt lumps

1/2 oz coconut shredded or desicated

whizz together in processor or blender or by hand rub butter into flour until like breadcrumbs then add the sugar cocnut and mix well.

Assemble all parts together

Grease plate or dish

First roll out pastry to fit pie dish or plate , DO NOT TRIM

Strain the apple of juice, put on top of pastry and spread out near the edge. Sprinkle the blackberries on top.

Take the crumbed mix and sprinkle thickly over all making sure all fruit is well covered..

Take edges of pastry and roll oveand pinch round edge of plate or dish to contain the crumb. Cut off if there is too much pastry to make more than an edging. Bake in a hot oven for twenty minutes or until crumble topping is golden brown. Use oven temperature that you would use to bake pastry at. Ovens and countries vary with how they measure power, but for UK I use 185 degrees centigrade in a fan oven for 20 mins.

Serve hot with thick cream, icecream or custard, serve cold with icecream or cream.

Absolutely delicious. Right that's me off to do some blackberry picking. Wellies and basket here I come.

See you all next weekend.