Sunday, August 10, 2008


Happy Sunday, blog buds!

What are you up to on this beautiful day? Me? I am in an Olympic daze. I cannot turn it off! I love watching the events, hearing the stories, seeing the tears and triumph.

And while I am watching I have been playing with paper. Yes, you read right. Actual paper. I have set up an entire land of scrapping all over the coffee table in front of the television. And I am having a ball!

Did you watch the opening ceremonies? I couldn't look away and kept wondering "how could someone think of that?" Did you notice how much of it was done digitally? How the digital and the human elements worked in perfect hybrid coordination to create stunning visual and symbolic stories?

And are you being inspired by the athletes themselves? I have a tab open so I can peek at the athletes info in between events. I was watching indoor volleyball and thought one gal was moving a bit slow. Until I read her bio and realized she is 35 years old. Hmm, 2 years younger than me, but not sitting on her couch. Guess I can give her a little slack.

And then there is Dara. The 41 year old swimming mom. With a body that screams "go away chocolate!" Who has been accused of doping so much that she took additional tests and gave blood to be stored so that when new tests are invented they can test her again. That is an athlete who is sure she is all natural. Not quite the same response as we see from countless baseball players who are racing to retire before they get caught in a drug mess. Dara is a warrior queen who inspired me to set down my coke and pick up a bottle of water. Baby steps. Maybe I will even have a salad for dinner.

In between all of these wonderful events have been some of the greatest commercials. Several times, I have reached for my sketch pad and paused one (tivo rocks!) so I could capture the lines of the advertisement. Oh and the preview for the fall television shows have me all excited for the back to school season.

Want to join me on the couch? Just slide over the scrappy supplies and sit on down. Facebook