Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hey hey it's Saturday

So glad to be back online..phew. 1st of august bought another months bandwidth with my isp. I can't believe that with 20gigs of bandwidth for the month I had used it up a week before the endo f the month.I know I had been doing a lot of uploading and downloading but boy did it disappear quick. Although I suspect that my Mazzie had been watching Dr Who on the bbc website even though she watches on real tv at least once per week then sometimes on satellite too. Kids. I know there is a free meter for checking this kind of thing but she knows more about pc's than I do and I guess she would get round any timers or limits put on.

Any one else loving Dr Who then? we live quite near to where they film it at Cardiff. Cant say I have ever seen any of the actors around though. I used to watch it when I was a kid, with the original Dr Who in it and was so terrified by it , it was recommended by our GP that I should not watch it or be kept away from it if it was on. Course I'm going back to the 1960's ooohhha now you can work out my age roughly , well that is if you have enough fingers and toes.

Waffling again aren't I? Well known for it here, but I digress.

In the digiscrapping world you in the US have been having your craft shows and scrapping conferences, hope you enjoyed them and bring some of that joy to us in your layouts. I have been slogging it with making wedding invitations, 50 gate folded, embossed, beribboned beauties, that have been hard work from day one.

Taking a large sheet of card A4 in european sizing. I used a folding template and bone folder to make the folds crisp and sharp in my card. It ends up as DL size or standard letter size. I am hoping you all understand what size this is. it is the biggest wedding invitation card I have made yet.

Inside there is the same gatefolded insert in 120gsm grams per square meter smooth paper, which I used Adobe indesign to design the wording and graphic decos. I had to trim the paper insert slightly because the fold did not look right.

On the outside I carefully measured panels in gold foil card and cut those to fit the centre of the card . Attatched with sticky pads to raise it about 1/8 inch. on top of this was mounted 2 white fluffy marabou feathers, one gold padded heart and in the corners 2 tiny gold gem hearts.

The tops of the cards , I had stamped and embossed earlier with Wedding Invitation.

To finish the card I used around 12 inches of gold organza 3/4 inch ribbon to tie round the card with bow to the front side. I attatched the ribbon with double sided tape , just a small piece to the back. The cards then each have a beautiful cream pearl envelope to be posted in.

This has been quite a feat as everything went wrong at every stage. Including running out of ribbon and having to scour ebay for 25 metres of it.To match!!

Still they are almost finished and I am hoping they will be pleased with the finished result. I think I would love them if they were for me.

Here are some photos of said cards.



Emma said...

Those turned out beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning. I would be so thrilled with the outcome!

ScrapShana said...

Oh WOW, what a gorgeous wedding invitation!
Don't be too jealous of us Americans having scrap shows. I never get to attend any because none are near where I live. :( So, I'm with you sitting here waiting for the rest to bring back their inspiration to me! LOL
Have a great weekend!