Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hey hey it's Saturday

Hi all, Sorry bout the lack of last Saturdays hey hey, Not been well for some time with this poorly tooth. Bad toothache from abcess in the gumline and oohh hurtt!!
Not felt like chatting 'bout anything really. But here I am this rainy (at least here) Saturday afternoon, feeling a bit better after looking at fridge freezers at Comet. Did you know that frost free freezers that never need defrosting actually should be defrosted at least once every 1year to 18months? They don't know and don't tell you this in the shop where you make your purchase. they don't tell you this anywhere, until the thing breaks down and you have the repairman out.
Repairman says, 'Missuss, its ice build up that has caused the fridge part of your combi to stop working'. Happens a lot apparently. the frost free gizmo relies on a fan that gets frosted up and stops working. I have had 2 exactly same manufacture,, but this one later design and both have broken down in same way, been opened up and repaired and I have seen the problem.
So now I want an ordinary fridge and a seperate chest freezer. Save all the hassle of this happening in another 4-5years.

Why is sod's law dictating that once one appliance is on the blink everything else follows suit. Washing machine was first , then the TV, then the fridge freezer, then the vaccuum cleaner, and the tumbledryer is threatening to give smoke out of it too. Phooey.
On a positive note though, its back to school time again, tell you what I would love to see your back to school layouts and ideas for layouts. Leave us a comment and a link to your latest project of school days. Can be any colors, any style just having a school theme. Love to send you a little freebie if you leave me your link. Facebook