Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Use Your Stash!

Hi, its Veronica here and today I want to share with you a Halloween mini album.  The entire album was made from my left over stash!  I love using up my stash ... it gives me such satisfaction to know that I am not wasting and I believe it makes me more creative.

There are so many bits and pieces from different lines of paper in this album, some of them are:

My Little Yellow Bicycle
My Mind's Eye
Glitz Designs
Creative Imaginations
Trinity Paper Arts
May Arts

I try and use stash whenever possible and it can be easily done.  How you ask?  There are just a three basic rules that I follow.  First I match the theme, which in this case is Halloween.  I also make sure each facing page matches; so that when you open your album the pages flow together.

Second, I always choose one base color that will flow throughout the album.  This method is easy on the eyes and helps with the cohesive look of the album.

 Notice how the patterns are not from the same collection but they both have the color black.

Third, when choosing patterns for my mini I try and stick to 2-3 colors in the pattern only.  So in this case with the Halloween album, I chose orange and yellow with an accent of green splattered here and there.

I hope I have inspired you to go into your stash and use some of it up by following my three basic methods.  Happy Scrapping!


a1983alaskan said...

Looks like a really cool album--- and all that from your stash!! I need to start working my way through my over-abundant materials, too. I love mini-albums! Thanks for the inspiration and tips :-)