Monday, August 27, 2012

Blue Jean Baby

I love jeans...

Today I'm going to do a quick tutorial on how I like to color blue jeans with Copic Markers.  Before I start I do have to tell you that I am kind of a blue jean addict.  I LOVE jeans, especially old faded, soft, holey ones that I've had forever.  If it was acceptable to wear jeans everywhere, I would, but my mom would die of embarrassment!  I have some favorite brands that I gravitate towards when shopping, but I'm open to other brands too, after all  I am always searching for the most perfect pair of jeans.  But today I'm not showing you how to wear them, I'm showing you how I like to color them.

I start with Copic Markers B95, B97, and B99, my bottle of Copic Colorless Blender. Plus I use a scrap piece of old jeans.  If you don't have a bottle of 0 Colorless Blender you can use your marker too.

The stamp I'm using today is from the stamp set My Guy Ian from The Greeting Farm.  

Starting with B95 I color his pants leaving a bit of the middle of the leg white.
 Jeans usually have some faded areas on them now, heck even holes, 
 but I normally just stick with the faded front leg area.  
You don't need to color perfectly, just color the pants once and don't worry about missed spots.

Once I have the pants all colored with the B95 I take B97 and staying close to the border of the pants
 I add more color.  It looks like I just drew a line and that is what I did do.

When the pants are outlined with the B97, I use B95 to blend the two colors together.
 It lightens them up and blends the obvious line between the two colors.  
Then I use just a touch of B99 to get some added shaded areas at the very top of his pants and cuffs.
  I use just the tip of the pen to keep the line very thin.

OK the pants are colored and now I am going to add the jeans texture and blend them better.  I put a small drop of my Colorless Blender on the corner of my jean scrap.  It's important that you don't soak your material because the more blender you use the more the ink will spread and it will quickly be outside of the image.  If you have a Colorless Blender marker you can do the same, just remove the tip of the marker and drop some blender on your jean scrap. Don't forget to put the tip back in the marker.

Using the damp corner I lightly dab the colored pants.  I get a great jean texture and the colors further blend.  Start by dabbing lightly and dab more as you need it.  Work slowly, you can always dab more but you can't un-dab (I don't think that's a word but I'm making it one today).  Working in the center of the pants is the best because the color is pushed to the outside of the pants where it should be darker. My close up shows you just how textured and blended my finished jeans are.  If you want to darked your edges more you can add more B99 to the edges.  Depending on how you color the rest of Ian can help you determine that.

The finished card...and you can see that I used B99 for the side seams of the pants.