Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chalk one up!

Today I want to introduce you to something totally different.  Loose power chalk.  Chalk-Ah-Lot Products sells loose power chalk and if you aren’t familiar with it, you soon will be.  This stuff is so wonderful for crafters and sure to be seen as a crafting staple.
There are 3 types of power chalks: 
These colors contain an additive which allows different shades to be created. The degree of change depends on the amount of chalk and pressure applied. Eight of the powder colors contain an additive which creates special effects, which includes wonderful streaks of color throughout your design.
These colors are very bright brilliant colors.
These colors provide a rich dazzle and shine. Stardust, our most popular metallic adds a special shimmer to any design. It can be added to any area or used to cover your whole design and give luster to the entire piece of art.
Power Chalk contains an additive which makes the chalk stay on the paper.  A fixative is not required when using the powder and dust colors.
The Metallic Chalk and Fluorescent Chalk do not contain the same additive as the powder chalk, therefore it does not require a fixative be used either over, under, or mixed in with it.
There are so many colors to choose from that you may want to pick a variety to play with.  This is a picture of all the colors which I happen to have.  Can you even believe the selection?  Check them out yourself at the website.  You get a very generous amount in each container.
The Stardust color (which is a metallic chalk) can also be used to create many metallic colors. By mixing 1 part Stardust with 2 parts of any powder, dust or florescent color, you can create a rainbow of metallic colors. Stardust can also enhance any of your matte pigment inks by lightly applying Stardust over the stamped image with a cotton ball while the ink is still wet. This will change any of your matte color pigment ink pads to a rich metallic color.

This is a close up to show you the texture.  Very fine and powdery.

Here are just a few ideas about the mediums you can mix with the chalks:  Elmer’s glue (white or clear), acrylic pants, Mod Podge, Ranger Inkssentials glossy accent or crackle accent, nail polish, bubble solutions... the ideas are endless.  Visit Buzz N Magic Powdered Chalk for additional details.  Beginning in January visit the Chalk-Ah-Lot Cafe blog for challenges and great prizes.

Happy Holidays!