Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Challenge 8/28

I work as a part-time mail carrier. I also recently did some work for the census. And one thing I can tell you--the government LOVES to use acronyms and initials.

At the post office, my position is RCA (rural carrier associate). With the census, I was involved with the NRFU (non-response follow-up....pronounced NARFOO). Every form, every task, every position--all given a different set of initials. It is almost like they have their very own language and can be a bit overwhelming to learn it all.

Of course, some acronyms and initials are better than others. I enjoy the occasional BLT. My husband loves a good PB&J. We all like to LOL. And everyone deserves a little TLC.

This week's challenge is to create something brand new and include an acronym (or initials) on your project. Can't wait to see what you come up with on this one! Facebook


Jennifer Larson said...

It must be a part of any government job--acronyms have invaded education. I sometimes ask for codes at meetings.

Lainie said...

very cool challenge, I may have to try this one.