Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jack it up! {Part 2}

I'm baaaaaaaaack!

Yes.  I am back with the second half of this fun little series of jacking up our projects.  Let's review what "Jack it up" means: "Taking something already beautiful and adding the right touches to blow it out of the water!" Simple enough?

Sometimes we begin creating layouts.  We finally reach that point where we think we're finished but something just doesn't seem right.  It's okay to walk away from a layout and come back.  I'm sharing with you a layout I made a while back that I enjoyed but, again, something was missing!  So it's been sitting around waiting for the perfect touch.  This past week I finally brought it back to my crafty table and completed it.

Here it is the before:

I really liked the color palette and design of this.  I like the simple, well balanced layouts and this one seemed complete until I looked at it again.  Pretty soon it was bothering me.  So I decided to let it sit for awhile because nothing was coming to me.

Are you ready to see it jacked up?

Can you see what I did?  I added some bling, a brad and used my black pen to add some interest.  I felt like the title and the journal blocks were just floating out there.  The photo was so heavy with the black matting.  Now I'm loving the layout and am very pleased with the finished product!

What have we learned from all this?  Don't always feel like your project is finished.  Let it sit.  What else could you add to give it that final, special touch?  I suppose you can't leave it lying around forever but a month won't hurt anything!

Happy jacking up your projects!!

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