Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jack it up! {Part 1}

Hello everybody!

Melissa here with a fun new phrase for you to use.  "Jack it UP!"  I've been watching way too much TLC lately.  I love the channel, don't you?  My favorite show to watch is Say Yes To The Dress and now they have the show in Atlanta!  Same show, different shop and with a little more attitude perhaps?  I learned the new phrase from Monte, the Fashion Director of the bridal boutique featured on the Atlanta show.  You may be asking yourself, "What in the world does 'jack it up' mean and what does it have to do with paper crafting?"  And I will be saying to myself, "GREAT question... I've got an answer!" 

"Jack it up" simply means this:  Taking something already beautiful and adding the right touches to blow it out of the water!  For example, on the show a customer was trying on a beautiful wedding dress.  She thought it was gorgeous but something was missing for her.  Monte added two simple embellishments to the dress and she was sold. 

We can also "jack up" our layouts and paper crafts.  I made this card recently for a challenge and thought it looked cute but something was missing:

Supplies:  Paper: My Minds Eye, Cardstock: The Paper Company, Ribbon: Offray, Sticker: SRM Press, Felt: American Crafts, Tag: JoAnns, Journal Spot: Creative Cafe

Depending on who looks at this, we can all come away with our own opinions.  Some would enjoy the simplicity (which I do and I was totally going for that) and others may think something major is missing.  I was going for simple but it just wasn't making me feel like I accomplished anything.  I didn't want to add stitching.  It was too late to put anything underneath the journal card.  Lots of thoughts swirled in my head until I had an "ah ha" moment.  Bling. 

It's a small addition.  But I think a little goes a long way.  It "jacked it up" perfectly for me!  Still keeping with the simple design but giving my card that extra "oomph" to make me feel like it was complete!

I'll be back Thursday with a layout that I went through the same process!  Come join me as we explore more about "jacking up" our projects!

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