Saturday, August 7, 2010

I have a confession: I have always had a weakness for games and puzzles.

I was the kid who was always taking over the dining room table with jigsaw puzzles, and carrying around a deck of cards just in case anyone had a sudden urge to play Go Fish.

My love for games grew as I did. I played video games on and off for a few years, but gave them up back in the Nintendo64 days after a severe addiction to Tetris and Dr. Mario.

Word games have always been faves of mine too. Word searches, word scrambles, crosswords...all FUN!

This week's challenge is just for fun: Get inspired by games and puzzles! You could scrap about a particular game. Board games, card games, video games...anything goes. You could include some sort of puzzle on your layout. Definitely open to interpretation with this one. Just have fun with it!

Oh...and if you are like me and NEED to know about this flower are the instructions:

Using the letters in each flower petal (as well as the letter in the flower center, ‘E’, form six 7-letter words. The ‘E’ should not be used as the 1st letter of these words. Facebook