Saturday, May 22, 2010

Posting this week's challenge a bit late. Just got home from my daughter's high school graduation ceremony. She graduated with honors so I am, of course, the proud momma.
Do you remember YOUR high school graduation? I remember mine. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago.
It's funny the things you remember. I don't remember the speech I gave. I don't remember our class song or who I sat next to (which I'm SURE were majorly important things at the time). I remember all the girls wearing white dresses and all the guys looking uncomfortable in their shirts and ties. I remember staring at the big tiger painting on the gym wall behind the podium (we were the Tigers). I remember being a bit sad, scared, happy, and excited all at the same time. Definitely a big milestone.
So this week's challenge: scrap a pic of yourself in high school!! Awww...c' KNOW it would be fun! No? Ok, it doesn't have to be pics of you. Doesn't even have to be high school. Just do something school related. Got some photos from ballgames, prom, homecoming, harvest carnival, etc? Well now is your chance to scrap 'em.
Link back here by Thursday night for a chance to win this week's prize.
Oh...and by the way...GO TIGERS!!


Lindsey said...

oh dear... lol!

Krystle said...

Here is a lo that I did of my sister's high school graduation:

Brenda Johnston said...

Great challenge! Here is a layout I did of my daughter's preschool days: