Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paper Musing

I love talking to fellow scrapbookers and gaining insight about their creative process. The one thing that rings true with most is that they are looking for unique ways to add interest to pages. I am a huge fan of relying on the patterns in the papers you are working with to accomplish this small feat!

Looking at a sheet of paper to find a flower you can cut and layer might take a little extra time, but saves money and makes your page a one of a kind! I am a personal fan of making my own borders by looking for curved, scalloped, zigzaged or diamond patterns. I did just that when creating the layout below!

I placed my photos and elements at the top of the page, a design layout I love to use! It lacked pizzaz though so I decided to cut along the loopy pattern in the red paper. I liked it, yet it still needed something so I cut a second border and laid it underneath. It adds so much! And it didn't cost a thing!

Try using your paper as your muse! You never know what inspiration you will discover between or within the lines!

Happy Thursday!
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