Saturday, April 17, 2010

My daughter turned 18 two days ago.
I'm still not really sure how it happened. I was standing next to my little girl, turned my head for a second, and when I turned around...there was this young WOMAN standing in her place. I don't understand it. I'm pretty sure there must be some sort of new math involved. And possibly magic. And probably has something to do with that "space-time continuum" thing that those time traveling sci-fi movies are always mentioning .

It's sad and exciting and horrible and wonderful all at the same time.

For a month, I've been nostalgic and a bit obsessed with numbers. My head has been full of stories that start with: "remember when she was 5 and..." or "remember when I was 18 and....".

So I've decided to share my number obsession for this week's challenge. Use a number on a card or in the title or visible journaling on a layout. Link back here by Thursday, April 22nd, for a chance to win a prize. Have fun!!


Janneke Smit said...

FUN!!! hope I can play :)
{hug} Lori

Melissa Elsner said...

Oooh great challenge!

Dora said...

great challenge! and happy bday to Hannah.

Krystle said...

Here's mine!