Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The 50's...

I have become obsessed with the 50's.


I have been working with a new paper line from Paper Trunk recently and I am totally consumed with reading about the 50's, listening to music from the 50's, even trying to incorporate 50's inspired food, clothing, or gifts into my life!

"Great Balls of Fire" can make ANYONE want to get up and dance!
LOVE it!

Recently my father-in-law turned 69. He's a real cool cat and I wanted to show him how much we cared about him. I only had a day to get everything together so I was heels on fire from the start!

First I made him a few cookies. What says "you're a CHERRY guy!" like a plate full of cherry cookies!

Figured I would also wrap up his gift in that "era" as well! Fat city, ya dig?

Have you ever found yourself "wrapped up" in a certain period of time? I know I am having a blast learning all of these great things from the 50's!

Well that is all from me; I'm cuttin' out!

Later Gator!




Dora said...

I definitely spend some time loving other periods--most recently the 20's. I would have made a kickin' flapper!

great post!