Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summertime - a time for learning!

Hi Everyone! Jen Wuthrich here with a post for you today!

Summer vacation is in full swing here in Colorado. My kids have officially been in summer mode for the past few weeks. Each year as summer approaches I start planning activities that my kids will enjoy while keeping them busy. This summer we are involved in summer reading, swimming, gymnastics, and tennis.

In addition to all of the “busy activities” we also spent at least 1 hour a day doing school work. Do you hear that noise? Yes, that is the noise of three children grumbling! My kids assure me that I am the only mom left on the planet that requires school work during the summer. (Smile) I assure them that I’m not ;) Right, I’m not – right?

While keeping their minds active this month (something I am sure their teacher’s will appreciate in a few weeks) I also am keeping my mind active. On of the things that I want to learn more about this summer are my Copic Markers. I adore these markers, but I have to admit it’s taken a lot of practice (trial and error) along with a lot of tutorials from you tube.

Today, I wanted to share a great set of videos that I ran across dealing with the subject of “light source”. I think you too will agree that this is SUCH an amazing and easy way to explain light source

Here’s the links:




Well armed with my new “light source tool (see videos)” I am off to happily create today!

Have a super crafty day everyone!

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