Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday Challenge 6/19

My 15 year old son told me last week that I am a workaholic.
He says that I need to relax more and that I deserve more fun in my life.
He says that I should take more "off" days...days where the rule is NO work allowed.

Of course, he has an ulterior motive here.
Because, when I'm working in the house, yard, or garden,
he is likely to be recruited as a helper.
So he figures the less work that I do, the less work HE will end up doing.

Still...he isn't altogether wrong on that workaholic thing.
It isn't that I just LOVE to work. But I do like to stay busy.
I usually start out the week with the intentions of getting ALL my work done,
and THEN have time for play.
A good plan...on paper.
But you know how it is.
Are we ever really and truly DONE?
There is always that errand that needs to be run,
or that chore you've been putting off,
or that next project waiting around the corner.

But...he is right.
We all need to have fun in our lives.
We need to take time for ourselves.
We deserve it, right?

So the challenge for this week has two parts:
1. Scrap about something you do for fun.
2. Make sure to HAVE some fun!!

As for me...I am promising myself to take some "off" time this week.
Oooh, maybe I'll just get my son to do half of my chores.
You know...since is so worried about my "fun" level. Facebook