Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Challenge---6/12

My family traveled to Georgia this week to spend a day at Six Flags. We had a blast! But my husband and I both agree...the amusement park experience is VERY different at 40something than it was as teenagers. Oh the rides are just as thrilling and as scary as they were back then. But now they are scary for a whole different set of reasons. Like, "is my back gonna go out if I ride this?" While I was there, I couldn't help but notice all the scrappy elements to the park. Fun color combos, buildings with interesting designs, the shapes of the rides, even the signs with arrows pointing here and all just screamed "scrapbooking possibilities". My daughter caught me looking around, rolled her eyes, and said: "we are at SIX FLAGS. With tons of exciting things to see and do. And YOU are looking at that little flower garden area over there and thinking about how that would make a pretty picture. Aren't you?" *shrug and grin* What can I say...the girl knows me. :) Anyway....this week's challenge is to create something that is inspired by one or both of the above amusement park pics. Link back here by Thursday for a chance to win a prize. Have fun!! Facebook