Friday, June 22, 2012

Something new

As summer began and spring ended (officially on Wednesday), I was finishing up some spring cleaning by going through my junk, stash of goodies...embellishments and leftovers that end up in a box for me to use on my scrap. The box was getting a little bit full and I was determined to purge.

I usually describe my style as "a little bit of everything".  This card is definitely a little bit of everything... it's like a "Where's Waldo". 
I spy with my little eye...a doily, a butterfly, acrylic, satin roses, a tag, pearls, eyelet, burlap, tulle, leaves, and a bird. Did I forget anything?

Earlier this week, I got to play with Fiskars' new die-cutting and letterpress machine, The Fuse. I was impressed with how easily it cut through all different material including grunge board and 10 sheets of paper at one time! People were lining up to make mini-books!

Each shape, has interchangeable design plates (I used the clock plate seen on this card) that can be inked and then ran through the machine that die-cuts and letterpresses all in one swoop!  Eventually, there will be tons of dies and designs, and large 12 inch dies to make boxes and bags.  I can't wait!


It's always fun to play with something new! 
And, who knows what you will find when you do a little cleaning?

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Vicky said...

just love this idea of using "scraps" to create a beautiful collage like you've done! Great idea :) and....can hardly wait for the FUSE!