Saturday, April 7, 2012

{the post with a lot of links...}

Yup, this post is gonna be full of links, places that I love and thought I would share with you all!

First, the new Spring issue of Scrapstreet is out, with tons of inspiration for you, and there is a new call for submissions  which you can find here

Second, I wanted to share the Creative team call open at Jessica Sprague's website. If you are digital scrapbooker, this is an amazing, truly amazing place to be at. More details here.

Third, these are some of the challenge sites I love to visit. Nothing like a good challenge to get your craft going!
Moxie Fab World
CAS-ual Fridays
Create Blog
Club CK
Studio Calico 
Mojo Mondays

Some the new blogs I am following and loving! (i had to clean out my reader, and purge out tons of blogs, but I felt bad two days later, and added some new ones)
A quilt is nice
A beautiful mess blog
Doublestick Heaven
GoodBye City Life
The Play Date Cafe

And lastly,  here is a the hashtag that my friend Nirupama and I came up with. We both usually stay up late at night to scrap and tweet. So we created a hashtag #twittercrop for all you to join us in this online crop.What could be more fun than scrapbooking? Why, scrapbooking with friends!! Last night, was our first online scrapbooking tweet crop,  it was SO much fun to hang out with other people, seeing what they were scrapping and chatting!! We hope to see you there sometime! Just add the hashtag #twittercrop whenever you are scrapping and want to share about it!

So there, I just jammed your day with possibilites :)
Have fun!