Thursday, March 8, 2012

March is National craft month! And to celebrate that,  the Official Fiskar's Facebook page has tons of challenges going on. And they even have a National Craft Month Sweepstakes that you can enter to win some fabulous fabulous goodies!

My challenge was to create something using just these items: 5 sheets of card stock, photos, Orange handled Scissors, ribbon and adhesive. Just and only these items, nothing else.
Sounds fun eh? Come on! Try something new, try not using patterned paper or stickers and make something that is out of your comfort zone! Me, I made this mini album,

The mini album was a gift for my mom, who spent summer here with us last year. The album was easy to make and  turned out pretty cute.  I already mailed it out to her, and she loves it!! A grandma will always loves photos of her grandkids :)

For more photos with step by step instructions, check out my tutorial on the Fiskars website HERE.

Hope you try something new today while crafting!