Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love for Stitching!!

I have an absolute LOVE for stitching on my layouts,
cards, and projects, but the simple truth is that I can
not stand the time that it takes to pick out a new color
and thread my machine every single time that I want
to stitch on a layout....not to mention that I can't drag
my sewing machine along with me to crops. So, I
do my stitching with my craft markers, yes that's
right, all of the stitching on every single project that
I create is done by drawing it on with all of my pens
and markers. I like this technique because of many
reasons. First of all I can take it with me, I have all
off the colors in the rainbow because I can use any
colored marker, and my designs are endless because
I can freehand them or use stencils to create my
stitching design. Here are a few examples of my
stitching that I've done on past layouts and projects.

To create this look, I simply use a thicker tipped
marker to draw on the dots that look like the holes

the needle would create. Then, I basically just play
connect the dots with a thinner tipped marker or
pen to create the look of thread. Simple as that!!

I hope you enjoyed my stitching technique!
Have a wonderful Thursday - Sarah