Friday, February 25, 2011

Cookie-stuffed Cookies from Serious Eats--seriously

It's Sara with a non-scrapping post for you. Although maybe you can scrap the goodies you make after reading this post!
Maybe you've already heard of the blog Serious Eats. It's wonderful! My husband, who loves to cook (*swoon*), sent me a link to these wonderful cookie-stuffed cookies, featured on the blog:
My daughter woke up this morning begging to make sugar cookies. Since the rodeo is coming to town, I figured "Why not?" and we made cookies shaped like Texas, cacti, cowboy hats and boots, and horses (couldn't for the life of me find the cow to substitute for a steer lol!). I know what you're thinking, "The rodeo is headed to town and your way of celebrating is by making COOKIES?" Well, I'm not actually from the South. This will be my first rodeo, so I celebrated the only way I know how: Sugar cookie dough and themed cookie cutters.

You know how, when you roll out sugar cookies, there's always a little bit of dough left? Well, I decided to use that little bit to make my own sugar cookie-stuffed cookie. :) My photo isn't half as scrumptious as the one pictured from Serious Eats, but I promise you that they were goooooood! So I'll show you my pic:
(Note the un-cut one in the back. My husband thought I'd literally just balled up the dough out of impatience! I should have let him keep thinking that, but instead I huffily told him "Those are the stuffed cookies you showed me!" Then he thought I was going to share with him. Yeah, right!)
I bought the Spring Oreos because they were on sale, and let me tell ya, even though I was expecting it, that little pop of yellow kind of threw me when I cut into the cookie! I added a tiny amount of mint extract to the dough before rolling it onto the cookies. Mm-mm, so good.
OK, now you go make your own treats. And then scrap the pics. Hopefully you can take more than one photo before devouring the cookie...which is what I did.
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GinniG said...

O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never heard of cookie stuffed cookies before! Guess the diet will have to wait awhile longer..... ;) TFS Sara!!!