Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inspiration: Color

Although this time of year can be dull and gray in many parts of the world, there is still so much color inundating us each day. However, even with all that color do you find yourself at a scrapper's road block when you sit down to put a card or page together? Or, you have the perfect idea in your head, but it just doesn't translate well onto your pages? I can definitely raise my hand to both of those! Color doesn't come easily for me for a multitude of reasons. I love looking at pages that have colors and patterns I would never think to put together and those go straight into my "favorites" folder to look back on!

Another remedy is going online to find color and inspiration at so many different sites. My favorite for color inspiration is definitely Creature Comforts. They make it so easy that all you need to do is click on the link on the right labeled "color crush" and this will take you to all their posts that feature color combos. Brilliant, right?! As you scroll down you can get visuals, plus the color combos that they put together for those photos. Some of my favorites are below.

*All photos courtesy of Creature Comforts Blog.

Another incredible feature on their blog is the ability to browse their posts by color. I mean how much more simple can you get?! And for those of us who have no idea where we might want to start color wise then this is perfect! And the images alone give you enough inspiration to start and go crazy with color! I've been on a BIG yellow kick recently so this photo really made me stop for a while:

I love their site for inspiration and definitely recommend it as a starting point whenever you find yourself looking at photos and not quite sure what direction to go in for color. And I'm a sucker for a good block design and I love how they have their photos arranged like that-appeals to my linear side! I go there daily for general inspiration, but most definitely for scrappy inspiration as well!

For those of us tackling the winter blues (and grays, and white, and well, I could go on) then a boost of color is just what we need right now! Facebook


Random Memories said...

Juicy bites of color! Thanks for info about this site for color inspiration!

Ez said...

Thanks so much for your lovely words about my blog. I'm so glad you enjoy the color features as they are my most favorite to put together. In fact I was just saying earlier today that if I could figure out how to turn putting color collections together into my full-time job I would be a very happy girl in deed. :-)
xo Ez

Linda said...

Great blog for color inspiration. Thanks for sharing.