Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Free Kit

Welcome to September and a big Happy Birthday to ScrapStreet and its owner Dora! We have a free kit for you in store, called Art Palette Page Kit. This comes to you with the compliments of our September Digital Discovery Designer Cilenia Curtis (read all about her in our magazine and check out her coupon!)

Make sure you stay with us this month for some super freebie treats and celebrations!

You can get your copy
*Link Removed* in store (you must be registered first, but then feel free to snaffle any of our freebies or $1 kits you may have missed!)


Terry said...

OMG! It's gorgeous! So loving the colors .. off to snag my kit right now!

Thanks! Happy Birthday, Dora!

PattiM said...

Happy Birthday!! Thank you for this awesome kit. Perfect for me since it's my bday this month..


{Pattie's passion}

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

Caroline said...

That kits looks amazing!!