Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Record in Art

Not the vinyl kind, the actual kind! 
See, art of scrapbooking is pretty, sure, but the record is essential.

So many pages are completed and for the sake of art perhaps, the record is left off. I wonder, if our scrapbooking pages are designed to last hundreds of years, if our ancestors reading our pages will know everything they need to know? I am certainly one of the guilty ones that forgetfully leaves out details. 

So here is your friendly reminder. Some way, some how, go back to the basics and make sure your essential information is on your page. 

A checklist, perhaps?

  • name(s)
  • date
  • age(s)
  • location
  • short story
Journaling really is necessary, even if it's just a few fine details. 

Things to do to preserve the record:
  1. scrapbook a calendar. Be it a month or a week. Maybe you alter the top of a paper calendar, maybe you add a mini calendar to your page (a la bingo card-style?)
  2. add the essential information: hide it, artfully supply it, or get it big and bold. How is up to you, why is not.
  3. have an old vinyl lying around? break it, use it, take a picture of it, alter it. 
Ok, so the last one's just for fun, but you get what I mean, right? Don't forget why we do this thing we do. Ask yourself, the next time you finish your next out-of-this-world page, will your great great grandchildren know what it's all about?

Plucked a few examples out of the gallery. Great examples!
Time to Hibernate by Jorinde. 
Calender: Rachness- scrapstreet.com- calendar09set1
Font: Angelina

Mason Calendar by Reba.
Playful Kit by Jennifer Schmitt
"Son"shine" Kit by Jennifer Schmitt
Woodland Wonders Kit by Jennifer Schmitt
Woodland Wonders
Kristin's ScrapDesign Templates 

Emily's First Year by Denean
Karen Foster Birthday 
Kit from More Than Scrapbooking

See 2 whole pages of calendar ideas- just click!
Happy scrapping, and don't forget the details!