Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Challenge 9/18

It is time to celebrate the big September holiday. No, not Labor Day. In my hometown, September means time for the annual county fair. It is a big event. It kicks off with a big parade that practically shuts down half the town. And the schools will even be closed next Monday for "fair day".

I enjoy the fair...though I could skip the rides. I like walking around and talking to people (in a town this size, you can bet money you will see someone you know). I like the smell of popcorn and hot pretzels and funnel cakes. I like seeing the lights and watching people play games.

But my favorite part is seeing all of the exhibits. I know, strolling through tents full of 800 pound pumpkins and jars of 20 different varieties of pear preserves is all more than a bit Mayberry-ish. But I think that is the reason I like it. In our stressed-out, fast-paced, high-tech lives, there is just something soothing about seeing a sweet potato pie with a big blue ribbon attached to it.

The ones that really amaze me are the sewing/quilting exhibits. Probably because I find it challenging to sew on a loose button. But still, these people are truly artists.
This week's scrappy challenge is to find a photo of a quilt, and lift it in some way. Link your brand new creation back here, along with the link to the photo. Have fun!! Facebook


Quilter422 said...

you know i'm loving this challenge!

Janneke Smit said...

here is my layout:

I was inspired by the colors and the blocking.

thanks for the challenge!