Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photoless Scrapbook Layouts

I seldom do photoless scrapbook layouts. In fact, I have done only 3 since I started scrapbooking in April 2008:

In all these three layouts, I wasn't able to find photos that would best fit the topic I want to scrap. I opted including memorabilia on the first two layout: a journal of how my dear hubby proposed to me (enclosed in the envelope in my "The Story" layout) and my credit card (in "Hey, Big Spender" layout). On the other hand, I placed the lyrics of the song that my father used to sing to me when I was little in my "Daddy's Song" layout. Notice also that I used an ephemera card, cutouts of images of people and animal diecuts that I felt would still draw attention to my layout eventhough they are photoless.

Creating photoles scrapbooks can be a fun challenge. Why don't you try creating one today and share it with us?

Have fun creating,
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