Thursday, July 15, 2010

Defining story through photography

I think as a Scrapbooker (and I think most of us can relate) I am always trying to improve my photography skills. This summer I’m “taking the bull by the horns” determined to learn more about composition, lighting and the ins and outs of my camera. Armed with determination and an amazing teacher, Karen Russell - I’m well on my way. I am loving every minute of it and trying my best to soak up as much as I possibly can.

One of Karen’s ideas on improving your photos is to go through your photos often critiquing them to determine what you did correctly or what perhaps you could change compositionally about your photos to improve them. In doing this I discovered a few areas that I need to improve on but one of the main areas I am trying to improve is story telling.

So what do I mean by story telling? Simply can I look at the photo and know what the story is all about before I have to read a paragraph of journaling? So now that I know my “goal” how do I implement it? Well simple – when I look through the view finder of my camera I am no longer looking for the “cute cheese” but rather looking for the story.

Here are a few photos that I took recently of my family – can you tell what the “story” is from the photos?

What stories do your photos tell? I challenge you to capture some shots this week focused just on "story" and hey if "cheese" comes along with it - that's even better right :)
Have a super week!



Anonymous said...

how cute! Good luck with your photos..

Anonymous said...

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