Monday, January 23, 2012

trying to think Spring

Nothing is blooming around here right now.
Six inches of snow blanket the ground.
We are a long way from spring. 
So, I've decided I need to create my own.
This is a very simple (and addicting way) to make some beautiful flowers that you can add to your home, sweaters, scarves, and even cards and pages.

Start with a piece of felt 3 1/2" x 12 " long. Fold it in half the long way (so it is now 1 3/4" x12"), and hot glue where the two edges meet.

Then, snip from the folded edge about every 1/2".

Take one end and start rolling, it helps to add a drop of hot glue every once in awhile to help hold it together.

Boom--you have a bloom!
Once you've done this a few times, you can really start to play around with how big a piece of felt you use and how far apart or how close you snip--it totally changes the outcome.

You can group some blooms to add to a sweater or scarf.

You can use your bloom on a gift tag
(this one is going on a bottle of wine).

Or, you can create a paper tag to use for a gift card envelope (cleverly recycled flattened toilet paper roll).

Now, I want you to be the florist! In each issue of Scrapstreet, my article, Graffiti, looks at popular art for inspiration. For the next issue, I'm looking for ONE BIG FLOWER. Can you guess which famous artist I'll be highlighting?

So, show me ONE BIG FLOWER! You can doodle, stamp, cut, fold, paint, or surprise me with your bloom on your card, scrapbook page, or project, but only use ONE flower. Send your creations to by February 18th.

Check out the other submission calls too...
Turn your mind towards spring!




TracyM #6773 said...

Fab flower and cool new technique Kelly :)