Monday, January 30, 2012

My 2 Cents!

Today I’m going to introduce you to a product by Imaginisce called the i-magicut Ribbon Cutter.  It’s a cute gadget, but is it worth spending $19.99 on?  I have a friend who is a gadget fanatic and she would say YES, I got to have it!  She would buy it, use it twice and then shelve it with all the other cool gadgets she collects. But those of us who are sticking to our crafting budget, spending $19.99 on this would mean losing out on quite a bit of other products we are drooling over.

This gadget cuts and seals the ribbon for you and you can use it on ribbons up to 3” wide.  It runs on batteries and is portable so you can pack it to take to crops, weekends, or wherever else you are going that you might need to cut and seal ribbon.  It heats up within 5 seconds so there is no long waiting time and it does a few different cuts too.

Would I buy it?  Well, I have scissors that will cut ribbon just fine.  I can cut it in angles, straight, snake tongue whatever way I want.   If I wanted something different in a cut I could dig out some decorative scissors and snip away.  Fraying ends, well those are a problem on some ribbons but for me it’s not worth buying a gadget for.  I like to use clear Elmers glue to end fraying.  I dunk a toothpick in the bottle and then rub it across the cut edge.  This works just fine.  Nail polish works too and if you use color or glittered polish you would be adding a little something extra to your project. Chances are you have a your own method to stop fraying already. I don't have many problems with my ribbons being wrinkled so I'm normally not concerned with flattening my ribbons. But if I would get one that was especially wrinkled up I have an iron in the house, so no problem with getting it nice and flat. 
My 2 cents, save your money.
Happy Crafting!